Appointment for Risked-Based health check at Medi3 Ålesund


You have been scheduled for a risk-based health check at Medi3:                                                           


Time: You will find the time in the SMS
Medi3 Ålesund - Kongens gate 11 - 6002 Ålesund (Entrance from Skansegata.) 


Please check in at the reception. The doctor and the laboratory are located on the 2nd floor. Sit in the waiting area and wait to be called.


Here is important information that you must read before your visit:


Your preparations:
• Answer the survey form well, in advance (link sent to you by email)
• Do not consume food/drink in the last 4 hours before your appointment
• If you wish to submit a urine sample: bring morning urine in a clean jar


What is a risk-based health check 
Employers are obliged to offer risk-based health checks when the risk conditions in the business suggest it. This may be due to exposure to noise, chemicals, vibrations, computer work, night work, among others.
Risk-based health checks aim to uncover potential health effects work may have in the short or long term and are therefore not aimed at general health.
Risk-based health checks have a preventative focus. We also map previous injuries and medical history. This is done to identify if your health status makes you particularly vulnerable to workplace environmental factors.

The company doctor assesses your health status and which workplace environmental factors you are exposed to daily. This forms the basis for which examinations and tests will be conducted.


Risikobasert helsekontroll inneholder: 

• Consultation and assessment by a company doctor or occupational health nurse
• Mapping of exposure factors at an individual level (link sent by email)
• Laboratory investigations and tests adapted to risk profile
• Anonymized feedback/report to the employer regarding which workplace environmental factors they should focus on to reduce the risk of occupational injury and disease in their business.


We ask that you, as far as possible, attend your scheduled appointment. You can exchange appointments internally within your company. Please inform Medi3 at If internal exchange of appointments is not possible, please contact us. You may then expect a waiting period for a new appointment.

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